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Janya Barlow Artistic Purpose

The imagery created in these paintings is based on an emotional and linguistic nurturing that exists between the creator and the work. This nurturing is similar to a parent teaching a child the knowledge and language necessary for them to communicate.
When strokes are put down on the canvas each and every stroke is a word or visual energy that can be sensed and read. The color or thickness of the strokes changes the intensity of the words. The more strokes or washes the more dialogue develops. This composition of words allows the figures to interact with one another, the painter, and the viewer.
Emotions and language by nature overtime progress and evolve. Each painting has its own evolution. One painting is a springboard to the next.
Once the language and knowledge is learned between each painting, one seeks out new knowledge and new language forms, therefore allowing the growth of each painting.
This is how paintings develop and change overtime but always maintain their style. The initial language stays the same but the painter merely learns more words.


About Janya Barlow

Janya Barlow was born and raised in Indiana. Brought up in a family where music and art was common place, she realized early on that painting was her path in life.  Barlow studied painting at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana where she received her BFA. She moved to New York City soon after and began training extensively under the renown painter Bruce Dorfman at the Art Students League of New York. Dorfman was and still is a great influence to her. She has since been exhibiting in both galleries and museums in the United States and abroad.

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